Company Profile

SunGate is a professional solar design, installation, and service company committed to improving conditions and opportunity for South Sudan through the delivery of sustainable energy for private, public, and commercial customers. In addition, we provide training and apprenticeship opportunities to individuals in the communities we serve to help staff our projects, build up the capacity of the communities to maintain the installed systems, and improve economic conditions through job growth. SunGate is owned and staffed by South Sudanese.

Points to consider:

  • Solar Power is more reliable than diesel generators and cheaper over time.
  • SunGate has installed 1,500 small units and 25 home and office units in South Sudan since 2013.
  • Our company has been in South Sudan for five years and is here to stay.
  • We use only American, German and carefully examined Chinese solar equipment manufacturers.
  • SunGate is American backed, and the CEO is a South Sudanese citizen with an Electrical Engineering degree from an American university.
  • Our headquarters are in Wau with 6 offices across the country, including Juba.
  • The company employs 28 people including: technicians and administrative / sales personnel.
  • We have installed more than 90 KWp and served more than 13,000 customers across the country.
  • Our technicians provide maintenance service for systems we install.
  • We provide a generous warranty.
  • We take quality service seriously. Let us prove it to you!