About Us

SunGate Solar provides solar powered, battery operated modular electrical devices and systems in rural and urban locations in South Sudan. Based in Wau, the company was started in 2013 by founder (Mou Riiny) and US-based NGO (Village Help for South Sudan) 011with additional technical support by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). In 2015, SunGate Solar formed and registered in South Sudan as a commercial, for-profit venture. SunGate Solar receives financial and management support from SunGate Solar Holdings LLC based in USA (Acton, MA).

The company’s products and services include:

  • Small Solar PV systems – SGS sells or leases small (50-250 watt) self-contained, stand-alone solar energy systems (PV panel, light bulbs and battery).
  • Medium / Large Solar PV systems – SGS also sells and installs medium-sized (500 watt to 5 kW) customized solar energy systems (PV panels and batteries) for homes and commercial applications.
  • Solar Powered Lamps – small rechargeable lamps for reading and table-top lighting.

SunGate’s main offices are in Wau and Juba, and we operate across six states (Aweil East, Aweil, Gogrial, Wau, Western Lakes, and Jubek). To date, SunGate has sold and leased over 90 kiloWatts of solar power. Our electricity has supported over 10,000 people. We have 27 employees currently on our staff. SunGate is continuing to invest in new products and expand to other locations in South Sudan. SunGate expects to grow to over 50,000 people impacted within 2 years, with the goal of serving over 1 million people within 10 years.