About Sungate Solar

SunGate is a professional design, installation, and service company that provides a wide range of solar power solutions. We are committed to improving conditions in South Sudan through the delivery of sustainable solar energy for private, public, and commercial customers. We provide training and apprenticeship opportunities to individuals in the communities we serve to help staff our projects, build up the capacity of the communities to maintain the installed systems, and improve economic conditions through job growth. SunGate is owned and operated by South Sudanese, with investment and management support from the United States.

Our Mission

SunGate Solar aims to be the largest provider of solar energy solutions for individuals, homes, offices, and commercial consumers of electricity in South Sudan. We contribute to the advancement of the country through the delivery of clean and affordable electricity and by championing the cause of sustainable energy for all demographics in the communities we serve. The Company expects to grow to impact the lives and livelihoods of the South Sudanese by serving over 1 million people within 10 years.


Based in Wau, the company was started in 2013 by founder (Mou Riiny) and US-based NGO (Village Help for South Sudan) with additional technical support by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). In 2015, SunGate Solar formed and registered in South Sudan as a commercial, for-profit venture. SunGate Solar receives financial and management support from SunGate Solar Holdings LLC based in USA (Acton, MA).

SunGate’s main offices are in Wau and Juba, and we operate in the regions around Wau, Aweil, and Juba. Serving more than 2000 customers, SunGate has sold over 110 kiloWatts of solar power. Our electricity has supported over 13,000 people with solar solutions of all sizes. By the end of 2017 our solutions delivery success included more than 25 large commercial systems. We have 30 employees currently on our staff. SunGate is continuing to innovate and invest in new solar solutions and expand to other locations in South Sudan. SunGate expects to grow to over 50,000 people impacted within 2 years, with the goal of serving over 1 million people within 10 years.

Why SunGate?
  • SunGate has sold over 2,000 small, portable units and more than 25 commercial systems in South Sudan since 2013.
  • Our company has been in South Sudan for five years and is here to stay.
  • We use only American, German and carefully examined Chinese solar equipment manufacturers.
  • SunGate is American backed, and the CEO is a South Sudanese citizen with an Electrical Engineering degree from an American university.
  • Our headquarters are in Wau with 6 offices across the country, including Juba.
  • The company employs a large local staff, including: technicians and administrative / sales personnel.
  • We have sold and installed more than 110 KW of solar power and served thousands of customers across the country.
  • Our technicians provide maintenance service for systems we install and those installed by other companies.
  • We provide a generous warranty.
  • We take quality service seriously. Let us prove it to you!
Why Solar?
  • Solar Power is more reliable than diesel generators and cheaper over time.
  • Solar energy protects the environment.
  • Solar is cleaner and healthier for your home and family.
  • South Sudan has an abundance of sunlight to provide ample energy for any size system.
  • Once your solar power system is installed, it will provide reliable energy for a long time with low maintenance costs.

Our Team

Mou Riiny, CEO

Mou Riiny was educated in the United States, where he received his degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of San Diego in 2011. After graduating, Mou returned to South Sudan where he worked for a non-profit organization to lead a program building schools and installing several village-level solar energy solutions for community facilities in remote locations. In 2013 he founded SunGate Solar and serves as our CEO. Mou is married and lives with his wife and son in Wau.

Aniin Ngot Madut

HR & PAYG Program Manager. Aniin Ngot received his BS Degree in Civil Engineering from Victoria, Australia in 2014. After graduating, he worked in several fields including as a robot operator, fiber insulation production, Pepsi Production, Laboure Jobs, operator and Maintenance of Roads, and as a traffic congestion Engineer. Aniin is the company’s General administration and HR manager. He is also the Program Manager for PAYG product line.


John Garang Mabior

Project Engineer. John is the company’s Project Engineer. He joined SunGate as a technician in December 2017, after earning his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Vels University in India. After one year as a technician, he was promoted to his current position of project Engineer, where he has successfully led the design and installation of several projects all over the country.


John Lodoumoe Baptist

Sales Manager. John Lodoumoe is the Sales Manager for the company’s Home, Office, & Commercial (HOC) systems. Prior to this, John was the company’s Financial Controller for two years. Proving his versatility and wide ranging skillset, John successfully took over the company’s HOC sales in early 2019.


Kero Ngot

Inventory Manager. Kero is the company’s inventory manager. He joined SunGate in 2016 as the office sales rep and soon became the company’s Bookkeeper. Kero graduated from high school in 2015 and is currently studying.


Makuach Wol

Coordinator. Makuach Wol is currently studying Accounting at the University of Juba’s School of Business Administration. Makuach has been with SunGate since 2015, holding various jobs from office manager to sales. Makuach is currently the company’s Coordinator at SunGate’s Juba Branch.


Nhial Kuot

Logistics Manager. Nhial graduated from teacher’s training academy in 2013 and became the Principle of Marol Academy. Nhial joined SunGate in 2016 as the company’s Sales manager, later becoming the Logistics manager.


John Tier Bak

Financial Controller. John Tier graduated with a BA in Economics from Loyola College in Madras, India in 2017. He worked for NGOs prior to joining SunGate as the Financial Controller in March 2019.


Yar Majok Yuot

PAYG Customer Service Manager. Yar Majok Yuot is a graduate from Bahar Elgazal University’s College of  Economic & Social Studies. She is literate in both Arabic & English. Yar is the company’s PAYG Product Line Customer Service Manager.