Selected Projects

St. Daniel Comboni Hospital; Wau

The PV system is installed at one of the largest hospitals in Wau. The 3.75KW system is to be used at the hospital’s outpatient block and surgical ward. The PV array consists of 15 solar panels of 250W and 12 200Ah batteries. This will help the hospital reduce fuel consumption and stay open for longer hours, enabling them to serve more patients.

Savannah House Project

This project is located on top of the Savannah House tower in Juba’s Buluk neighborhood. It is a 3.5KW system consisting of 14 250W solar panels with a 2.5KVA inverter. The system will help the customer reduce his fuel consumption by using solar during the day and only turning on the generator for a few hours in the evening.

Canal Hotel, Rumbek

The PV system is installed at Canal Hotel in Rumbek, Eastern Lakes State. The system is 4KW with a 5KVA inverter capacity. The PV power system replaces a generator that had been extremely unreliable, with costly maintenance and repair cost. With basic loads such as lights and fans, the hotel will have enough power for over 12 hours a day, a huge improvement from the 4 hours they had with the generator.

Juba, Gurei Project

This is an installation of a 7.2KW system for a private home in the western suburb of Juba called Gurei. The solar array consists of 24 300W solar panels and 24 200Ah Gel batteries. With approximately 40Wh produced by the solar array on a daily basis and 115.2KWh storage capacity, the system runs all loads in the house 24 hours a day. The system is powered by a 12.5KVA inverter.


"SunGate Solar took the time to explain everything about solar energy to me and how my system works. SunGate CEO Mou Riiny is a South Sudanese with a degree from an Amercian University in Electrical Engineering. The team is highly skilled, and they use the best components available anywhere. It was well worth the wait to get a SunGate system."

– Design/Assessment Service Customer